We’re Happy to Share Our Expertise

Looking for an expert to help flesh out a breaking story? Need background information for a news or feature article? Want to schedule an authoritative speaker on any number of topics? Our faculty and staff experts can help.

The list is organized by academic discipline and the specializations of each member listed. Feel free to contact our experts directly, or contact Lyndon’s Office of Communications and Marketing for assistance at 802 626-6459, or Keith.Chamberlin@lyndonstate.edu.

Atmospheric Sciences

Nolan Atkins, Ph.D., Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
ASAC 306
802 626-6238

  • tornadoes
  • severe storms
  • general meteorology

Jason Shafer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
ASAC 304
802 626-6225

  • forecasting
  • winter storms
  • climate
  • general meteorology


Rod Jacobson, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
ASAC 208
802 626-6484

  • information and technology management
  • project management
  • operations management
  • process analysis and management
  • business analysis and management

Rachel S. Siegel, CFA, Professor, Business Administration
802 626-6207

  • financial markets
  • personal finance
  • columnist in the Northstar Monthly for over 10 years and a textbook author Personal Finance published by Flatworld Knowledge, Inc.

Electronic Journalism Arts

David G. Ballou, Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts
802 626-6371

  • digital photography
  • broadcast and still photojournalism

Tim Lewis, Associate Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts
802 626-6209

  • journalism
  • Vermont Center for Community Journalism

English/Philosophy/Film Studies/Journalism

Dan Williams, Assistant Professor, English/Journalism
Vail 468
802 626-4866

  • CNN veteran
  • disaster preparedness training
  • journalism and trauma


Jim Bozeman, Ph.D., Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Vail 472
802 626-6489

  • electoral redistricting
  • the mathematics of DNA

Mountain Recreation Management

Sean Doll, Instructor, Mountain Recreation Management
Harvey 127
802 626-6475

  • the ski industry

Music Business and Industry

Joe Gittleman, Instructor, Music Business and Industry
Harvey 107
802 626-6389

  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones bassist and producer, can speak on music and the music industry

Natural Sciences/Sustainability Studies

Ian Balcom, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
802 626-6247

  • environmental remediation
  • phytoremediation
  • brownfields
  • superfund
  • toxicology
  • pollution
  • biofuels

Alan Giese, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Natural Science/Biology
802 626-6329

  • Lyme’s disease
  • invasive species

Alison Lathrop, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Natural Science/Geology
Vail 355
802 626-6500

  • general geology
  • earthquakes

Ben Luce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Natural Science/Physics
802 626-6230

  • Former head of alternative energy for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ben can speak on all aspects of alternative energy, especially solar and wind power

New Media/Visual Arts

Harry W. Mueller, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
Harvey 109
802 626-6272

  • book design and production
  • calligraphy
  • typography
  • digital photography
  • design for print production

Phil Parisi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Visual Arts/Interactive Digital Media
Harvey 114
802 626-6310

  • new media: social media and internet issues
  • online education
  • design
  • design curriculum

Barclay Tucker, Associate Professor, Visual Arts
Harvey 141
802 626-6487

  • Animation
  • Graphic design and illustration history
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Logos and branding

Psychology and Human Services

Margaret V. Sherrer, MSW, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Psychology and Human Services
Vail 425
802 626-6470

  • disaster preparedness training
  • abnormal psychology (serious psychopathology, e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major mood disorders)
  • dying, death and bereavement
  • psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • mental health crisis response

Patricia Shine, MSW, Associate Professor, Psychology and Human Services
Vail 423
802 626-6470

  • racial issues in Vermont
  • anti-oppression work, with specific emphasis on race, racism and privilege
  • social and political activism
  • staff supervision

Meri Stiles Ph.D, M.S.W., LICSW, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Human Services
Vail 417
802 626-4825

  • child and adolescent mental health
  • substance use/abuse prevention
  • mental health treatment manual development
  • mindfulness based stress reduction and health promotion

Social Sciences

Janet Bennion, Ph.D., Professor, Sociology/Anthropology
Rita Bole 215
802 626-6234

  • a nationally-recognized scholar on polygamy
  • fundamentalist polygynous societies
  • sexuality and marriage and nontraditional religions
  • sociology and anthropology theory and methods
  • gender analysis
  • East Africa, Native America, Mexico: alternative sexuality and nontraditional marriage forms, polygyny, gender and myth, magic and religion

Paul Searls, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Social Science/History
Rita Bole 216
802 626-6203

  • Vermont history
  • history of sports

Alexandre Strokanov, Professor, Social Science/History
Rita Bole 217
802 626-6263

  • a widely published authority on Russia and the former Soviet Union
  • Eurasian history
  • international travel


Heather Bouchey, Ph.D., Director, Leahy Center for Rural Students
Vail 322
802 626-6615

  • first-generation and low-income college students
  • Pre-K through 16 education models

Garet Nelson, Director, Samuel Read Hall Library
LAC 102
802 626-6446

  • online education
  • library sciences
  • information resources

Ann Nygard, Director, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship
ASAC 203
802 626-4867

  • rural economic development