Lyndon’s NewsNet is published four times a year by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Look here for news, stories, announcements, features, and events—all for and about the College’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

LSC NewsNet 2014 Spring

LSC Newsnet 2014 February

LSC Newsnet 2013 December

LSC NewsNet 2013 October

 LSC NewsNet 2013 May
 LSC NewsNet 2013 Feb
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Board of Trustees Reports

Five reports and one Annual Report are produced during the course of the year to keep the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees—and everyone else—up-to-date about Lyndon.

President’s Report to the Board of Trustees: May 2014

President’s Report to the Board of Trustees: December 2013

 LSC BOTR 2013 May
 LSC BOTR 2013 Feb
 LSC BOTR 2013 Apr
 LSC BOTR 2012 Oct
 LSC BOTR 2012 Sep


Moving Forward

Published in conjunction with the NewsNet, President Bertolino’s Moving Forward newsletter highlights progress on key initiatives at the College.

 LSC Moving Forward 2013 May
 LSC Moving Forward 2013 Apr
 LSC Moving Forward 2013 Feb
 LSC Moving Forward 2012 Dec