President Atkins

Welcome to Lyndon State College

I am pleased you chose to learn more about Lyndon State College. Selecting the college or university that is right for you will be one of the most important decisions in your life—one that will forge the path to your future and determine many lifelong directions as well as your network of friends. I encourage you to continue to explore Lyndon’s web site but, most importantly, I urge you to visit the campus. It will give you a good sense of Lyndon’s close-knit, friendly community and discover if it’s a comfortable fit.

There are many things that I could tell you about Lyndon. For example, we have an extraordinary faculty well versed in their disciplines; most are practitioners in their respective fields. Our staff are dedicated to students and provide many extra support services. These things I know you will glean as you explore the web site, and you will certainly recognize these attributes if you come on campus. However, there is a particularly important characteristic of our College that I want to underscore: at Lyndon, everyone is dedicated to a single, shared goal—the success of each and every individual student.

We know that students come to college with aspirations, talents and abilities, and each with his or her unique definition of success. Our role is to develop those talents and abilities, whatever they might be, so that all students can fulfill their potential and realize their own success.

At Lyndon we make sure that when you leave us, you leave with more than just a diploma, more than that all-important college degree. When you graduate from Lyndon, you will leave with:

  • the knowledge you need to work in your chosen field;
  • a liberal arts background that will serve you well in your career path and in your everyday life;
  • the practical real-world experience you gained through hands-on projects, internships, fieldwork, and travel;
  • the self-confidence you have gained through campus life experiences and through fieldwork where you apply theoretical knowledge to your chosen profession; and
  • a network of friends, faculty, staff, and fellow students who will help you throughout your life. These relationships will always be there to support you as you change positions or careers, or as you enter new chapters on your journey.

So, as you explore the web site, I hope you will gain a sense of the spirit of Lyndon: the spirit of everyone committed to your success. I wish you well in your selection of a college and in your future academic endeavors. Please come and visit Lyndon and catch the spirit.

Nolan Atkins,
Interim President


Darcie Miles, Executive Assistant to the President
Vail 367
802 626-6404