19 March 2014

Author Zach Wahls to Speak About “His Two Moms”

Author Asks “What Makes A Family?”


When then-nineteen-year-old Eagle Scout Zach Wahls addressed the Iowa House of Representatives in 2011, what he had to say sparked conversation across the internet and the country. The son of a same-sex couple, he told the Judiciary Committee that, “the sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character.” The video of his testimony went viral and has subsequently received more than 18 million views on YouTube. It helped land him interviews on John Stewart’s The Daily Show and Ellen to advance his message. On March 27, Wahls comes to Lyndon State College to raise the question, “What Makes a Family?”

Wahls’ book, My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family, was published in 2012. His message is one of reassurance—whether to same-sex couples, their children, and anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Wahls travels the country talking to many different audiences about his self-described “rather boring” experience growing up with two lesbian mothers, why the struggle for LGBTQ rights is so important, and where he thinks the fight goes from here. He works with a number of different LGBTQ rights groups in a consulting role and continues to work on protecting and advancing those rights at home in Iowa.

Wahls’ talk is in the Moore Community Room/Academic and Student Activity Center (ASAC) Room 100 at 8 p.m. It is free and open to the public. His appearance is presented by Lyndon State College’s Campus Activities Board.


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