Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE) is to power economic growth in our rural region by fostering leadership, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

Established in 2011, the CRE serves to engage educators and employers in creating the leaders of tomorrow, supporting development of a region-wide system to prepare future generations for business leadership, and promoting entrepreneurship as a viable career choice.

We strive to offer valuable educational opportunities to connect students along the Pre K-16 spectrum to the business community and heighten awareness of existing and emerging well-paying jobs in the region. Our ultimate goal is to work with a network of partners to better integrate regional education with area businesses and cultivate a system that will positively impact the local economy.

Special focus is given to meeting the business development and technical assistance needs of employers in the industry clusters with the greatest potential for keeping and creating jobs in the region.

Here is how we put our mission into action and help more students realize their aspirations:

Incubator without Walls (iWOW)

The Incubator without Walls (iWOW) program utilizes the students, faculty, and resources of Lyndon to help grow local business to the next level and create more jobs.

Academic Summer Camp

The Academic Summer Camp program provides opportunities for 6-8th graders to explore the resources of our great campus while enjoying the fun and friendships of terrific camps that combine their areas of interest with high energy activities.

Kingdom Career Connect program

Kingdom Career Connect program held in partnership with VSAC offers 8th graders hands-on career exploration opportunities in key industry sectors and assists students with course selection in high school.

Dressed for Success

Through donations of gently-worn business clothes from the community, Dress for Success provides the best possible start for students into their careers by providing a free business-ready outfit to each student who attends the annual event.

Regional Business Education Summit

Since its inception in 2011, the Regional Business Education Summit at Lyndon has become the go-to event for education and business  leaders in the region– those educators preparing local students for their future  and business professionals pro-actively developing their workforce. The unique event is held to engage educators and employers in creating the leaders of tomorrow, support development of a region- wide system to prepare future generations for business leadership, and promote  life- long learning as a pathway to prosperity.


Ann Nygard, Director