Summer Session



Summer Session at Lyndon State College

Missing a few courses? Eager to get ahead or graduate early?

Need to retake a class? Want to advance your career?

All while enjoying the best of Vermont?

The Lyndon summer class schedule is out and it comes with amazing savings on tuition. 

Summer is a great time to complete required GEU credits, take classes of interest, pick up those last classes needed to graduate, advance the pace of your degree — and save money.

There are nearly 100 classes to choose from in art and design, atmospheric sciences, business, criminal justice, education, electronic journalism, English, exercise science, history, mathematics, mountain recreation, political science, music, natural sciences, psychology, and social sciences. This is an ideal time for you to indulge in travel, adventure, or simply follow your passion.

You’ll save money. Graduate sooner while taking advantage of current tuition rates. Undergraduate courses will be offered at $246 per credit (Vermont) and $370 per credit (out-of-state), a savings of $170 (Vermont)/$254 (out-of-state) per credit.

Flexible scheduling and smaller classes. We’ve designed the schedule with flexibility in mind. In addition to traditional class schedule offerings, FLEX classes are offered as hybrids, completely online, and after 4:00 pm or later.

Missing prerequisites? Need to make up a class? Summer is a smart time to take some of our more popular, required courses, or to make up for a failing grade in a class.

Take a 3-credit undergraduate course for $738 (Vermont)/$1,110 (out-of-state) and save $510 (Vermont)/$762 (out-of-state)!

View the complete schedule!

PLUS additional financial aid may be available. Keep in mind that to receive financial aid on top of these low tuition prices, you will need to apply for summer session financial aid. Learn more here: Summer 2016 Financial Aid Application.



Miranda Fox, Registrar
802 626-4852