What We Do

Upward Bound at Lyndon is a college preparatory program funded through the United States Department of Education that is committed to providing modest income, first generation college bound students the academic background, college preparatory experiences and support needed to succeed in college immediately after high school. The Upward Bound program works with 75 students, in 9 Northeast Kingdom high schools, who are dedicated to achieving their post secondary dreams.

Our goal is for every student to obtain the most appropriate post secondary degree immediately after high school. To this end, we provide academic support and guidance, encouragement, and college preparation to build the skills necessary to be successful in post secondary education.  We guarantee that we will help you to find the most appropriate college with the best financial aid package possible.

Lyndon Upward Bound will provide:

  • intensive instruction in college preparatory academic skills;
  • guidance and counseling with regard to educational and career opportunities;
  • assistance with college planning including financial aid, college applications, college tours and SAT preparation and;
  • a comprehensive counseling and enrichment program for the purpose of developing creative thinking, effective expression, and positive attitudes toward learning.

Enrichment Activities

All Upward Bound participants have the potential to excel in college and reaching that goal requires serious effort, good attendance and a healthy attitude.  To support these efforts Upward Bound provides a number of services and opportunities to help students make appropriate decisions.  In turn, each Upward Bound student is expected to fulfill definite expectations.

As an educational opportunity program, Upward Bound is committed to providing educational opportunities that help students become a better candidate for college entrance and success.  Below are links to the activities that aid in our students college preparation.

Summer Residential Program

We are a year-round academic, educational opportunity program with a six week summer residential program. We work as “Academic Guidance Counselors” providing comprehensive support to maximize student performance and enhance educational opportunities. But the residential component of Upward Bound is what makes our program so effective.  During the summer program our students will have 4 hours of college preparatory courses, 3 hours of community service and will be surrounded by 49 other college bound students.

Educational Opportunities

Upward Bound offers participants a number of unique and challenging opportunities that are available only to Upward Bound and TRiO students.

Volunteer and Community Service

All Lyndon Upward Bound students will have an opportunity to develop a strong commitment to volunteer work.  Each student’s will be offered several experiences to enhance their long term interest in volunteerism.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

As a service to you and your family, Upward Bound offers consultation in completing financial aid forms and scholarship applications.  All Upward Bound students will complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Students Aid, and the VSAC (or New Hampshire’s NHHEAF) Grant Application.


Rick Williams, Director