Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program

For many new college students, the first year away from home can be an overwhelming experience. Away from friends and family, living in an unfamiliar environment, they may feel disconnected and unsupported. The 2018 Summer Bridge Program at NVU-Lyndon—a free, five-day program of academic support, skill development and team building for eligible students—can help. Summer Bridge is designed to enhance the skills and motivation of first-year students, easing their transition to college life. Participants learn skills for college success, gain a sense of belonging as a member of a group, become familiar with campus, and make early connections with Academic Support Services staff — connections that can make the difference between success and failure in the crucial first year of college. Summer Bridge takes place on campus in August on the Monday through Friday leading up to Fall Orientation. Housing and meals are provided on campus at no extra cost, and participants join in Fall Orientation at the conclusion of the program.

Summer Bridge Includes:

  • Preparatory classes in writing and math
  • Workshops on study skills, goal-setting, decision making, and learning styles
  • Presentations on financial aid, academic responsibility and financial literacy
  • Team-building activities and opportunities to interact with students from similar backgrounds as well as with Academic Support Services staff
  • On-campus housing and meals

Students participating in the 2018 Summer Bridge Program commit to:

  • Participating actively in ALL events, including classes, workshops, and activities
  • Adhering to Northern Vermont University – Lyndon campus and academic policies
  • Participating in the Orientation/Fall Kick-Off activities which follow the Bridge Program



Thom Anderson, Associate Dean of Academic Programs
LAC 322