Early College Program

Early College at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon

Turn your last year of high school into your first year of college.

Northern Vermont University-Lyndon is excited to offer an exciting program just for Vermont high school students: the Early College Program. Early College will allow approved students to choose from a variety of courses at Lyndon while exploring their choice of degree programs and experiencing the college academic environment. Each course successfully completed at Lyndon counts toward both high school and college. You must be at least 16 years old and enrolled full-time in high school or in an approved home-school program in order to be considered for admission to the Early College program.

Early College Program

  • Spend your senior year of high school taking classes at Lyndon.
  • Earn up to 30 college credits over two semesters.
  • Complete your high school graduation requirements at the same time.
  • Live on or off campus and enjoy access to all Lyndon has to offer.
  • Application Deadline has been extended to May 1 for fall 2018.
  • On-campus housing is available for eligible students.
  • Early College students can continue to participate in high school activities as long as the meet the VPA’s eligibility guidelines.
  • Early College Students are held to the same grading standards and assessments as other students enrolled at Lyndon.


Early College is made possible by Vermont’s Flexible Pathways Initiative. Tuition is waived, but students are expected to cover the cost of housing, food, books, and any applicable fees.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: May 1, 2018, for 2018–2019 Academic Year.


Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

  • Information about orientation and advising is available on your VSCS portal account.
  • Prior to the student’s SOAR session, math and English placement tests must be completed.
  • ECP students will be placed in the 2nd SOAR session, which will take place over a two-day period at the end of June. Attendance at SOAR is mandatory.
  • Students will register for classes during their SOAR session.
  • Books can be ordered at any time after students have registered for classes.

Financial Clearance

Please keep in mind that only tuition is waived for the ECP participants. Any and all arrangements for the payment of fees, housing, meal plans, health insurance, etc., must be made by August 7, 2018. There will be a charge of $2,133 to any full-time student not covered by another medical plan. Fee amount subject to change, pending federal health reform effective date.

Fall Kickoff

Lyndon’s Fall Kickoff will take place the weekend before the start of classes. Boarding students will move in on that Saturday, however, all EC students are required to attend.

Academic Calendar

ECP students wishing to try out for fall athletics will be required to be available by Monday, August 27, 2018.

Downloadable Files


Lexi Damato, Early College Coordinator
Admissions Office