Writing Course Selection

Completing your selection

STEP 1 – Read the course descriptions and information about each course below.

STEP 2 – Give each description careful thought and consideration based upon your current writing abilities.

STEP 3 – Complete and submit the form below with your course selection.

Complete Form for Your Selection

Transfer Students

As part of the course selection form you will be asked to include the following information:
  • Name of previous institution(s) where you completed a writing course
  • Year attended/course completion
  • Name of course(s) taken and completed
  • Brief description of course(s) taken and completed

Course Descriptions

English 1035
English 1035 Foundations of Reading & Writing meets twice a week for the first seven weeks of the semester. By mid-semester, the student can choose to continue taking the course for the remainder of the semester or not. This course entails small class-size, allowing for individual attention for students who have had difficulty in their writing classes in high school. While this course confers credit toward graduation, it does not meet the General Education requirement, so students who choose this option will need to take English 1081 the following semester.


Description from the Lyndon State College
Undergraduate Catalog:
ENG 1035 – Foundations of Reading & Writing (1.5 Credits)
This course focuses on individualized and group work covering study skills such as note-taking, outlining, skimming, and vocabulary development, as well as critical reading skills including recognizing essential points, evaluating the relevance of supporting information, and asking questions about the text. Intensive instruction in writing process provides students with basic English literacy and competence. Paragraph and short essay forms will be covered, and a review of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence mechanics and structure will support students’ writing on a college level. This course may be repeated up to three times for credit. There is a course fee. This course is offered every semester as a first-half and second-half mini-course.


English 1081
English 1081 Writing & Reading Strategies for College is a semester-long course that introduces students to the particular demands of writing at a college level. The course will feature frequent essays, college-level readings, an introduction to the research process, and grammar review. Most students will probably choose this course.


Description from the Lyndon State College
Undergraduate Catalog:
ENG 1081 – Writing & Reading Strategies for College (3 credits)
This course introduces students to the study of language fundamentals and provides practice in reading strategies and in organizing and writing short essays necessary for college success. While providing instruction in syntax, grammar, diction, punctuation, and the conventions of standard academic English, this course emphasizes instruction in writing and reading processes, including invention and revision strategies, developing or locating a thesis, and organizing the material into a coherent whole. The course also includes an introduction to information literacy, particularly collecting or researching information, but does not necessarily include a formal academic research paper. There is a course fee. This course is offered every semester.


Combined English 1035 & 1081
Students who are undecided or feel they are in between the two courses outlined above can opt to take both English 1035 and English 1081 simultaneously, using English 1030 as a tutorial to help them succeed in English 1081.


The First Year Team