Expenses for Out of State and International Students

Lyndon’s out-of-state tuition is the lowest of any Vermont residential college or university.

The Open Frontiers Scholarship (’17-’18 school year only) awards qualified, out-of-state students $5,500 each year they are enrolled in any degree program at Lyndon. International students also qualify for the Open Frontiers program until spring 2018.

These savings can be stacked with the Lyndon Scholars Award to save up to another $5,500 for a total savings of up to $11,000.

To qualify as an incoming student, students must have at least an 80 percent grade average in high school. A 2.5-grade point average (GPA) is required to remain eligible while attending Lyndon. The scholarship does not apply to graduate-level courses.

w/ Open Frontiers Scholarship ('17-'18 school year only)Out-of-State/International ('18-'19 school year)
Room and Board*$10,598$10,598
Mandatory Fees**$1,130$1,130

* Cost based on double room and unlimited meal plan ($6,312 Room | $4,286 Board).
** Not included in mandatory fees: $360 orientation fee (called a matriculation fee at Lyndon), a one-time fee paid during first semester. $2,140 health insurance fee (for current year – projected, not finalized), mandatory for full-time undergraduate students without coverage.

  • All figures are per year—two semesters.
  • Health insurance is required unless you have your own (not included in above total cost).
  • Additional one-time fees may apply.

Other Costs

  • Students will spend an average of $500 per semester on books and supplies.
  • Students will also spend an average of $100 on course fees per semester—varies by course/major.

Save up to another $5,500 with the Lyndon Scholars Award.

Learn more about special Savings for Out-of-State Students.


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