Study Abroad

Study Abroad Options

Full Semester or Entire Year

American History Professor Paul Searls is currently affiliated with study abroad agencies that offer various options to choose from. Students can study internationally and have all their earned credits count towards their respective degree program at Lyndon.

Cultural Excursions

The following trips last for one to two weeks, and college credit can be earned. History Professor Alexandre Strokanov has three trips scheduled for the winter and spring of 2018.

  • February 23-March 4: Italy and Greece
  • April 6-15: London, Paris, Florence, and Rome
  • May 21-30: Germany, Italy, and Switzerland
  • June 3-15: Russia

Contact Alexandre.Strokanov@LyndonState.edu as soon as possible for more information as the tours are going to be closed for enrollment soon.

Language Immersion

In our increasingly interconnected world, the importance of knowing another language and culture is vital for success and Lyndon has been offering Study Abroad programs to support student learning along these lines. In 2014, Lyndon partnered with EF Education First which multiplies the range of Language Study Abroad opportunities available to Lyndon students. EF was founded in Sweden in 1965 with the aim of improving language skills and intercultural relations worldwide. With this mission in mind, Lyndon has partnered with EF to make their Language Study Abroad programs available during Lyndon State’s academic and summer breaks. We look forward to further broadening your horizons of success. You can start this experience by taking a few minutes to review the opportunities by clicking here.  and while you are at it, measure your current language skills by following the link to EF’s online language test at here.

Education First – EF.edu/pg/Language-Immersion
Language TestEF.edu/Test1/


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