2018–19 Expenses for Vermont Residents

Room and Board*$10,598$10,598
Mandatory Fees**$1,130$1,130

* Cost based on double room and unlimited meal plan ($6,312 Room | $4,286 Board).
** Not included in mandatory fees: $360 orientation fee (called a matriculation fee at Lyndon), a one-time fee paid during first semester. $2,140 health insurance fee (for current year – projected, not finalized), mandatory for full-time undergraduate students without coverage.

  • All figures are per year—two semesters.
  • Health insurance is required unless you have your own (not included in above total cost).
  • Additional one-time fees may apply.
  • Vermont residency is required.

Other Costs

  • Students will spend an average of $500 per semester on books and supplies.
  • Students will also spend an average of $100 on course fees per semester—varies by course/major.

Qualified Vermonters can save an additional amount with the Lyndon Scholars Award.


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