Applying To Lyndon State College

For first time college applicants, there are several ways for you to apply to Lyndon for either the spring or fall semesters. We have rolling admissions, so you can apply throughout the year and will be notified of your admissions decision soon after your file is completed. You have the ability to view your application status right online.

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Common App

Lyndon State College accepts the Common Application. There is a $46 fee associated which you need to pay by credit card (or fee waiver). There is no preference on how you apply. Please, use whichever application is most convenient for you, though we do encourage you to apply online! Please be sure to include your Social Security Number on the application. Failure to provide this information may limit your ability to access your account on-line.

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Regular Application Online

We offer this web-based application in hopes that it will make our application process as easy and convenient as possible for you. You can get started right now and won’t have to wait for us to mail you a package. All online applications require a fee of $46 or a valid fee waiver request.

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Printable Applications

The fee for submitting the paper application is $46. There is no fee for submitting Readmission form and Reapplication form. Readmission form is for students who has attended Lyndon State in the past, left for whatever reason and would like to return. Reapplication form is intended for students who have applied during the previous year and decided not to attend.