Social Justice Web-based Resources


1. Why Should I Care About Elder Abuse
2. Fighting Ageism


1. Guidelines for Reporting and Writing About People with Disabilities
2. Disability Rights Vermont
3. In My Language (Short video clip that explores differential communication patterns)
4. Center on Disability and Community Activism at UVM
5. Vermont Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living
6. Vermont Center for Independent Living


1. Trans People Speak (a compendium of video stories) 
2. GLAAD Media Reference Guide 
3. Heterosexual Questionnaire
4. RU12/Vermont
5. Outright Vermont


1. Facts About Sexual Harassment
2. Feminism FAQs (a variety of video links)
3. Why Sexist Language Matter 
4. Gail Dines (website provides links and information regarding the extensive negative effects of pornography in our culture)


1. Race Forward
2. Consigning the “N” Word to Personal History (brief audio link)
3. The Kirwan Institute
4. The Microaggressions Project
5. Allies for Racial Justice
6. Racial Internet Literacy (brief video clip)
7. Rinku Sen
8. Showing Up for Racial Justice
9. State of the Dream 2014 – Race and Health Disparities (the latest installment in an annual publication that explores the impact race has on a variety of issues, e.g., housing)
10. Tim Wise (website provides links to all of Tim’s essays)
11. Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege
12. Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity
13.The Root: Social Justice Center/Brattleboro
14. Vermont Ethnic Studies Bill
15. Black Lives Matter
16. Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society
17. Debby Irving
18. Asian American Racial Justice Tool Kit
19. Abenakis in Vermont
20. Arab American Institute
21. Migrant Justice Vermont
22. 21 Latino Organizations You Need to Know


1. Five Myths of Poverty
2. Vermont Workers Center
3. Class Action

SOCIAL JUSTICE – General/Overlapping

1. Paul Kivel (website provides links to essays/information regarding gender, race, economics & religion)
2. Robert Jensen


Patricia Shine, Psychology Professor
Vail 423