Clubs and Organizations

Serious Fun

At Lyndon, we don’t think of extracurricular activities as being “extra.” Participating in student clubs and organizations, events, community service, and intercollegiate and intramural sports, all help students become well-rounded citizens and professionals. It’s no accident that so many successful adults were active outside the classroom when they were college students.

Student Involvement Fair: It’s Easy To Join In

Early every fall the College offers the Student Involvement Fair, a lively outdoor event (weather permitting) hosted by student clubs and organizations as well as community organizations to entice new and returning students to learn more and sign up to join in.

Want To Start A Club Of Your Own?

Participating in campus clubs and activities is a proven way to polish your leadership skills. We encourage groups of like-minded, motivated student to form new clubs of their own! Contact SGA at SGA@LyndonState.edu for more information on how to start a new club.

Committed Community Service

Creating and fostering a community of caring is central to who we are as a college. The Student Life staff and our student service group (ASSIST) sees to it there are plenty of service opportunities on campus and with a broad range of nonprofit organizations in Vermont and elsewhere in New England. Lyndon students were particularity active in helping victims of Tropical Storms Irene and Sandy. During spring break members of the Lyndon family have traveled to Guatemala to pitch in on a variety of community development projects.


Student Life