Interest Groups

A Cappella Club –¬†Kingdom Crescendos
This club is for students who are interested in a cappella music and is open to those of all skill levels. Join fellow Lyndon students to practice various types of music, put on concerts, and share the love of a cappella!

This club serves the Lyndon community through providing opportunities for students to share their love of Anime. The Anime Club organizes public showings of anime films for the Lyndon community.

Asian Culinary Club
Join this group to learn more about and experience various types of Asian cuisine!

Auto Club
Do you have a strong interest in cars? If yes, this is the club for you! Learn more about cars and participate in a variety of related activities in the local community.

Lyndon Gaming Community (LGC)
The Lyndon Gaming Community provides students, faculty, and staff of Lyndon an opportunity to interact with one another in a social setting pertaining to computer gaming. This club provides the members a fun stress reliever.

Lyndon Sports Broadcasting Club
Are you interested in anything and everything to do with broadcasting sports? If yes, then this is the club for you! Members have the opportunity to participate in live commentary, camera work, social media, sports graphics, and game summaries. The goal of the club is to have the ability to live stream Lyndon sporting events online as well as build a strong social media presence.

Russian Language and Culture Club
If you have an appreciation for an interest in Russian language and culture, then you will find a home with this group. Join them for lively discussions and conversations!


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