Social and Service Clubs

A Society of Students in Service Together (ASSIST)
Lyndon’s community service club. ASSIST gets students involved in bettering the community with a focus on specific, service related issues.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
CAB meets once a week, Mondays at 6:00 pm in ASAC 216, and is all about bringing new, fun, and exciting events to campus. We are always looking for new members and fresh ideas. Our purpose is to provide entertainment for the student body. Events vary from homegrown to afternoon and live events. Head on over to http://www.LyndonCAB.com to check out upcoming events!

Lyndon Catholic Association
The Lyndon Catholic Outreach was founded to foster the Catholic faith through liturgy, prayer, service, and community. LCA will create an outlet for people of similar religious beliefs to connect and interact on campus. LCA will assist members in the practice of their Faith and to encourage them to take an active part in living their faith, especially on a busy college campus. Any person of any background is welcome to join.

Spectrum Alliance
The Lyndon Spectrum Alliance seeks to promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity in sexual orientation and to create a safe environment for all students through educating the community on matters pertaining to sexuality.

Student Government Association (SGA)
Want your voice heard? Attend an SGA meeting and share your comments, questions, or concerns with the rest of the student body. SGA promotes the educational, social, and general welfare of the students at Lyndon and anticipates and stimulates the interests of the students through the use of student run clubs and activities. Visit their website for more information.

Veterans Club
This club is open to any veterans of foreign wars, those who have completed domestic service, and anyone who supports those serving in the armed forces. It is a way for veterans to get connected to the resources available to them, share information, and become integrated into the social life on campus.


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