This club serves the Lyndon community through providing opportunities for students to share their love of Anime. The Anime Club organizes public showings of anime films for the Lyndon community.

Chess Club
The Chess Club teaches members how to play chess and holds in-house tournaments. All ages and abilities are welcome to join.

Flight Club
The Flight Club fosters and promotes a desire for learning in the field of aviation as well as assist students that have a desire to get their flight certifications by providing access to resources. Additionally, the club works with Q-Aviation in an effort to promote a business relation with Lyndon State College, by utilizing Q-Aviation for flight certifications.

Literary Society
LIT Society brings together students who are interested in writing, reading, and other literary topics of interest and promotes creativity and sharing of ideas and work.

LAN Party Club (LPC)
The LAN Party Club provides students, faculty, and staff of Lyndon an opportunity to interact with one another in a social setting pertaining to computer gaming. This club provides the members a fun stress reliever.

Support and Understanding Group for Alternative Religions (SUGAR)
The purpose of the SUGAR Club is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­to support and understand students of alternate religions while engaging in open discussions, learning and teaching.

The Green Club
The Green Club makes available to the LSC community exciting and informative activities other than what is readily available on campus. Activates will be focused around the education of environmental issues, the implication of sustainable practices on campus. The organization offers an open platform for students to express concerns and opinions, and provides a means to expand and develop a member’s scientific knowledge among peers.  The club benefits the LSC community by providing film viewings and lectures which encompass all topics in connection to environmental issues.

Vermont Student Union
Vermont Student Union acts as the official representation for the Vermont Student Organizing Project on the LSC campus, and engages students in advocating for issues that are central to them. The chapter will coordinate with the other VSOP chapters at other schools, and attend general meetings and events whenever possible.