Lyndon Traditions

Our traditions may not be so traditional.

A celebration of the return of warm spring weather signaled by the raising of a huge American flag. Dressing in goofy costumes and plunging into Library Pond. Strapping on crampons and helmet to climb a 30-foot column of ice. Explaining academic robes to graduating seniors, sung to the tune of Hotel California.

At Lyndon we have lots of traditions… they’re just not very, well, traditional. Some, like Spring Day, have been with us for decades. Others, like #LSC4ME, are more recent. All are uniquely Lyndon’s and are part of the what makes this a great community to live and learn in.

All Things Lyndon

We’ve highlighted a few major Lyndon traditions in this portion of the website. Here are some other quintessential Lyndon experiences.

  • Sugar on snow
  • Tuesday night live music sponsored by the Music Business and Industry program
  • Earth Day celebrations
  • Hockey, ice skating, fishing, kayaking, or paddle boarding on Library Pond
  • Exam-time midnight pancake dinners
  • “Mr. Lyndon” competition
  • Green vs. Gold competition


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