#LSC4ME is one of Lyndon’s hashtag and social media campaign, and is meant to celebrate all things Lyndon. Use this hashtag on social media platforms when you’re on campus, at a sporting event, or reminiscing about your time at Lyndon. #LSC4ME helps show your pride in Lyndon, and what your experience(s) here have meant. We want to celebrate and share what Lyndon is for you. There is no wrong time to use #LSC4ME, so hashtag away!

Downloadable Stuff

Show your school spirit with these downloadable items! There’s a desktop background for every month and don’t forget to check out the exciting cover photos you can  use on your own Facebook profile.

Cover Photos (Facebook)

Adventure Banner

Athletics Banner

Campus Banner

Summer Banner #1

Summer Banner #2

Fall Banner

Winter Banner #1

Winter Banner #2