Spring Day

Look for the Flag!

This celebration of the return of warm weather to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom is held on a Friday in late April. The arrival of the day is signaled by the raising of a massive American flag—a flag that duplicates the huge 48-star banner that T.N. Vail, the founder and first president of ATT, used to fly over Vail Hill. (The Lyndon campus sits on the site of his former country mansion, Manor Vail.)

The big fun starts at 11 a.m. Live bands play in the campus interior, and the College’s food service caters an outdoor barbecue for all. There’s cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, an ice cream social served up by the College’s deans, and beer for those of age. This event is sponsored by the Lyndon State College Student Government Association and many campus clubs contribute by hosting a variety of activities!

Other activities around the campus might include disc golf competitions, ropes course challenges, slip and slide bowling, tie-dye T-shirt making, new games, and paddling with stand-up paddle boards on Library Pond.


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Vail 305