Social Justice at Lyndon

2014–15: The Year of Social Justice at Lyndon

At Lyndon, we pride ourselves on an ethic of care, and the establishment of life-long relationships. In order to further bolster this ideal, the Lyndon community will delve into the topic of Social Justice. During the year, academic departments, student groups, and campus events and activities will focus on topics related to diversity and social justice. This year, bulletin boards, kiosks, movies, plays, and classroom discussions will help educate and demonstrate these ideas to create a stronger sense of community here at Lyndon.

This year, everyone will have the opportunity to become an advocate for Social Justice.
This year, inclusive conversations will take place.
This year, we will articulate the difference between tolerance and acceptance.
This year, we will learn about equality and equity.
This year, we’re celebrating difference and creating a welcoming community.
Welcome to the Year of Social Justice.

Joe Bertlino signature
Joe Bertolino
– President, Lyndon State College

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