31 March 2014

Lyndon State College to Offer New Degree Program

Cross-Departmental Classes in Klingon to Commence in Fall 2014


LYNDON CTR., VT.: Lyndon State College announced the addition of a new degree program beginning in the Fall 2014 semester. The college will offer a B.A. degree in Applied Klingon. The burgeoning interest in Klingon as “language and as culture” led to the additional degree program according to Faculty Assembly chair David Johnston. There are no plans to offer associates degrees, as of now.

Classes will range from introductory to advance language classes; culture including religion and myths; music; and sustainability. Students can study Shakespeare, Thoreau, and Dickens in the Klingon language. A senior level seminar on the “Trouble with Tribbles” will delve in to the philosophical and psychological ramifications of assessing and treating Tribbles as “problem” as well as the geopolitics behind the accompanying consequence of world-wide food shortages and potential for famine.

Students can work toward preventing the destruction of Praxis that is currently slated for Stardate 9521.6.  History Professor Paul Searls said, “We are in a unique situation where we are aware of what will happen in a possible future. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to prepare for and hopefully avert the future struggles we will be having with the Klingon Empire.”

LSC President Joe Bertolino said, “This new degree in Klingon has broken down the “silos” in the different programs at Lyndon. Atmospheric Sciences will be teaching what is known of Kronos weather; the Business department will address the future economic impact of human/Klingon interaction; and the English Department will teach Klingon literature. The Exercise Science department will offer classes on mok’bara, a form of Klingon martial arts while Music and Business Industry students will study Aktuh, Maylota, and other Klingon operas. Janet Bennion’s class in Klingon cuisine is just tasty. You haven’t lived until you’ve had gagh.”

“All I can say is: buy’ ngop!”

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