Internships and Careers

A Lyndon Criminal Justice Degree Prepares You for A Diverse Set of Careers.

With Lyndon situated near local and state police, correctional facilities, and the Canadian border, opportunities for internships and jobs abound.

Lyndon students have interned at the Department of Homeland Security, Northeast Regional Correctional Facility, St. Johnsbury Community Restorative Justice Center, Burlington Police Department, St. Johnsbury Youth Diversion Program, Vermont Correctional Academy, with Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s game wardens, and in the substance abuse field.

Lyndon graduates can become:

  • Police officers
  • Game wardens
  • Probation/parole officers
  • Public safety officers
  • Juvenile probation/parole officers
  • Correctional facility guards
  • Juvenile detention guards
  • Federal law enforcement (FBI, DHS, ICE, NSA, U.S. Marshalls)
  • Social workers
  • Work in restorative justice or diversion
  • Work in private and industrial security
  • Continue on to graduate school


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