Our Graduates: In Demand

The education and real-world experiences students in Lyndon’s Electronic Journalism Arts program receive make them uniquely qualified for entry into the workplace. Our graduates are in demand. We have over 30 alumni at ESPN alone!

Lance MacKenzie ‘91, WCAX-TV Senior Photojournalist
Justine Judge ‘05, WPAX-TV Producer/Anchor
Lauren Maloney ‘04, WFFF-TV Anchor
Brett Whitmarsh ‘02, WCSH-TV Social Media Manager
Jim Gibbons, ‘08, YNN-TV Photojournalist
Nick Barnets, ‘11, CBS Evening News Associate Producer
Danielle North ‘96, WPRI-TV Anchor
Rachel Rooney ‘09, WFSB-TV Assignment Editor
Michael Barlow, ‘81, ESPN Production Manager
Matt Cyr, ‘05, News 12 Photojournalist
Amanda Hill ‘07, WCSH-TV Anchor/Multi-Media Journalist
Chris Gobielle ‘95, WBZ-TV Photojournalist