Electronic Journalism Arts

"We’re very fortunate to be given an experience that is about as close to the real world as we can get."

Anthony Macari '16

Top 25 Journalism Program Three Years in a Row

In the Electronic Journalism Arts program at Lyndon, you become a digital storyteller. This program offers preparation for professionals in the rapidly-changing field of journalistic storytelling across a suite of visual and media technologies. Classroom study complements extensive hands-on experience at both the introductory and advanced levels, leading to an associate degree or Bachelor of Science degree.

Our students learn skills and techniques in reporting for visual, editorial, online, and print mediums. The capstone experience for students is the Vermont Center for Community Journalism. The VCCJ provides a real-world laboratory for training journalists who will deliver news and information vital for the practice of democracy in a civilized society.

We are NEBHE eligible (tuition discount) in ALL New England States (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI). But we go better than that with our stackable awards.

Electronic Journalism Arts, A.S.

Required Courses

Core Courses (30 Credits)

Electronic Journalism Arts, B.S.

Required Courses

Foundations (30 Credits)

Electronic Journalism Requirements: (37-38 Credits)

The audience for the Vermont Center for Community Journalism encompasses the 14 Vermont towns surrounding the Lyndon campus. Since 1979, local residents have been informed by the student-produced live broadcasts of LSC’s Emmy award-winning News 7. The VCCJ’s nationally acclaimed online news outlet, NewsLINC, debuted in 2009. A new electronic print publication, NewsINK, was introduced by students in 2010.

Lyndon students have participated in internships with all the stations in the Boston, Providence, and Portland markets as well as cable news operations run by Time-Warner, NESN, NECN, and News 12 where some now work as alumni.

The experiential nature of the program is unmatched in all of New England and perhaps the U.S.

Become a Digital Storyteller in a New State-of-the-Art Facility.