Who We Are

The faculty of the Department of English, Philosophy, and Film Studies represent a wide range of disciplines and specialties, from film studies to composition pedagogy. All department faculty participate in the general education program in addition to their respective program responsibilities.

Andrea Luna coordinates the college composition program, which serves all LSC students. Elaine Razzano is the secondary education coordinator for the department. With Alan Boye’s retirement, Dan Williams is now primarily responsible for journalism and media communications, while Chandler Gilman is the primary person for creative writing. David Johnston is the department’s philosopher and film specialist. Buck Beliles is the primary literature and cultural studies faculty member.

The department is also supported by a superb and dedicated group of part-time faculty in composition, writing, and humanities. While we take our work and our students very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Please see the links on the department’s web site for more detailed information.

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