Here’s what people are saying about Exercise Science at Lyndon:

“I took so much of what I learned from with me to graduate school. The high standards that you held us to in the Exercise Science Department truly gave me a head start when I arrived at graduate school and has helped mold me into the professional that I am. It was a unique experience to be a part of our department, and I am so grateful that I was able to have it.”

– Amanda Martin ’14, Graduate Student in Athletic Training

“Lyndon’s Exercise Science program prepared me exceptionally well for the DPT program I am in.”

– Christine Moss ’14, Doctoral Student in Physical Therapy

“The practical portions of the program are key to its success. In discussing my college experience with peers from other schools in exercise science programs, all of them are surprised with the amount of practical knowledge and experience I have from Lyndon’s program. I believe that my success outside of college is directly related to the practical knowledge I received.”

– Calvin Sanderson ’15, Co-Owner/Founder of SPECTAC Health Fitness and Performance, Colchester, Vermont

“The relationship we are building with the Department of Exercise Science at Lyndon State is one that the staff here at UVM truly values and wants to foster. Every intern we have had has done a great job and that is a credit to the program at Lyndon. We hope to continue to be a site for Lyndon interns in the future.”

 Justin Smith, Co-Director of Athletic Performance at the University of Vermont

“There’s no way I could be as successful, and that this business could be as successful, without the skill set I achieved at Lyndon State.”

– Adrian Guyer ’07, Owner/Founder of XIP Training Systems, Lyndonville, Vermont



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