Explore Career Options

Explorations is an experiential, comprehensive program for freshman and sophomores who are undecided about their major and wish to explore career options in the real world. Lyndon recognizes that not every student who attends college knows what they would like to do with their lives. In fact, 30 percent of freshman students nationwide describe themselves as undecided. This program ensures a seamless transition into your major of choice at Lyndon.

Explorations supports first-year students and sophomores who are actively investigating a variety of undergraduate majors and subsequent career options. Students take elective courses in fields of study they are interested plus required General Education courses in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Along the way, their assumptions about learning, life, and careers are challenged and sharpened.


Core Courses

First Semester – 14 to 16 credits

Writing course (based upon test placement)
Mathematics course (based upon test placement)
General Education Distribution course
Course in an area of interest to the student

Second Semester – 15 -16 credits

Courses are chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Explorations Choice Courses

  • BUS-2015 Fundamentals of Management in Business for potential Business majors and Sport Leadership majors
  • EDU-2210 Foundations of Education: Elementary and Special Education for potential Education majors
  • ENG-1310 Introduction to Literature for potential English majors
  • ENV-2060 Energy, Environment and Society or GEY-1111 Introduction to Geology or CHE-1031 General Chemistry I for potential Science majors
  • MUS-1030 Music Fundamentals or EJA-1010 Introduction to Media Communication for potential Music Business and Industry majors
  • XSC-2111 Care and Prevention of Injuries for potential Pre-Physical Therapy and Pre-Athletic Training majors
  • ART-1011 Drawing I for potential Design, Visual Arts, Visual Communications, and Animation/Illustration majors
  • PSY-1010 Introduction to Psychology or PSY-1050 Human Growth and Development for potential Human Services or Psychology majors
  • MAT-1020 Intermediate Algebra or MAT-1410 Pre-Calculus for potential Mathematics majors
  • ATM-1010 Elementary Meteorology or ATM-1211 Survey of Meteorology I for potential Atmospheric Sciences majors
  • BIO-1211 Introduction to Biology: Ecology and Evolution or BIO-1212 Introduction to Biology: Cells and Genetic Basis for potential Natural Science majors
  • MRM-1080 Leadership and Small Group Dynamics for potential Recreation Resource and Ski Resort Management majors
  • ANT-1030 Introduction to Anthropology or SOC-1010 Introduction to Sociology or SOC-1030 Social Problems or HIS-1011 Western Civilization I or HIS-1020 Comparative Civilizations or POS-1010 Introduction to Political Science for potential Social Science majors
  • EJA-1020 Communications Technology for potential e-Journalism majors
  • XSC-1090  Introduction to Exercise Science for potential Exercise Science majors

By investigating the many options for majors, student “explorers” are guided through the great branches of knowledge, thus tapping into some expected and unexpected interests. Surrounded by like-minded students and faculty mentors, Explorations helps define and redefine interests, skills, and aspirations, and ultimately assists a student in choosing a major with confidence.


  • Interested in many different subject areas and are not yet ready to decide upon a major
  • Cautious in their approach to making significant life decisions
  • In need of strengthening their academic profile to enter the major in which they are interested
  • Curious about possibilities
  • Interested in exposure to a professional experience as you work toward understanding which major will be a good fit for them


  • Improve their reading, writing, critical thinking, and math skills prior to entering a major
  • Take courses that are of interest to them
  • Accomplish a practicum as early as their first year
  • Learn about various professions via guest speakers and career practicums


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