Fantasy Studies (April Fools!)

TwoTowerTopics-01New Lyndon Alumni Magazine

Get the education you always imagined with a degree in Fantasy Studies and find your niche in the magical and fantastical arts. Learn the skills you need to destroy jewelry, vanquish evil, save the royal family, shoe a unicorn, and much more. Light up your world with magical spells such as “lumos” and its counter “nox”. Find out what’s you type!

Gain valuable insight from our alumni base in our recently retitled alumni magazine,
The Two Towers Topics.

Pay close attention to exciting courses such as:

  • The Rings and Metal-smithing
  • Your Unicorn Care and Feeding
  • Proper Broom Flight Safety
  • Elves, Halos, Wings, and Pointed Shoes
  • Light Rainbow Weaving
  • Use Your Sword
  • More on: How to Train a Dragon
  • Oh no! Fixing Magical Mistakes
  • Silent Werewolf Tracking

Education more exciting than your wildest fantasy.


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