Program Goals

Creative Possibilities

This degree program recognizes the creative possibilities of the traditional liberal arts and sciences. Its purpose is to assist a student in arranging a course of study designed to illuminate a particular interdisciplinary topic, theme, or concept. In this way, a student may design a major that fits his or her academic and career goals.

The program consists of a total of 44–45 credits with 29 credits in a broad multidisciplinary core and 15–16 credits in a more focused concentration area.

In providing students with the essential foundation of a liberal arts education across a variety of disciplines, the Liberal Studies program seeks:

  • to provide students the opportunity to design a broad-based course of study that focuses on more than one of the traditional Liberal Arts and Sciences disciplines.
  • to train students in analytical, interpretive, communicative, and critical thinking skills that are valuable not only in graduate study, but also across a wide spectrum of career fields.
  • to serve Education students by providing a Liberal Arts and Sciences background.

Upon completion of the degree requirements, Liberal Studies majors will be able to:

  • articulate an appropriate research issue or topic and use appropriate methods and materials to address it.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the range and limits of the issue or topic through written work.
  • present effectively the findings of that research, including appropriate conclusions.


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