Lyndon’s flexible, individually designed
graduate degree program.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies offers students an individually designed program of study that satisfies a broad range of needs at the graduate level:

  • Secondary school teachers of English, social sciences, natural sciences, and math
  • Students interested in life-long learning and continuing education at the graduate level
  • Anyone who could benefit from master’s level education in anything from creative writing to environmental studies to interdisciplinary studies

Students in the program work closely with a faculty advisor from their chosen content area(s) to craft a relevant and rewarding course of study.  A total of 36 credits is required for the degree. With the permission of the academic department and instructor, some of those credits may be chosen from Lyndon’s extensive undergraduate course offerings. Master’s candidates work with professors in those classes to complete additional research or study to make the coursework eligible for graduate credit.

The flexible “framework” design provides an umbrella program that allows individual students the opportunity to create an appropriate graduate-level course of study using one of four primary models:

Content Area: study in a single focused content area or discipline
Interdisciplinary: study combining two related, complementary disciplines
Multidisciplinary: study involving a range of three disciplines or content areas
Secondary Education: a course of study designed to further secondary teaching in any content area

ContentInterdisciplinaryMultidisciplinarySecondary Teacher
36 credits total focusing on a single academic discipline36 credits total; 24 credits in primary area, 12 credits in secondary area36 credits* total from at least three content areas; at least one seminar in each of three disciplines36 credits total; 24 credits in a primary area, 12 credits in Curriculum & Instruction or Education recommended
At least 9 credits of research seminars at the graduate level
One masters-level research/analysis project of at least one semester and a minimum of 3 credits
Clearly and logically defined program, approved by the relevant academic department(s) and the coordinator of Liberal Studies
* In the Multidisciplinary concentration, up to three courses (9–12 credits) may be taken at the undergraduate level to incorporate a discipline or field in which the student has limited undergraduate training, with the permission of the relevant academic departments and the coordinator of Liberal Studies