Interested in studying a discipline in depth?

Content Area: a single focused content area

Candidates for the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies in this model will select a logical selection of courses in his or her area of interest (e.g.: Literature and Cultural Studies, History, Mathematics, Natural Science, Sociology/Anthropology, Creative Writing, Global Studies, Environmental Studies).

A total of 36 credits, to be designed in consultation with an academic advisor in the content area.


  • At least 9 credits of research seminars at the graduate level
  • One masters-level research/analysis project of at least one semester and a minimum of 3 credits
  • The program of study must be clearly and logically defined and must be approved by the relevant academic department and the coordinator of Liberal Studies

A Sample Curriculum: Content Area, English (36 Credits)

Core Courses (18 credits)

  • ENG 5240, Bible as Literature
  • ENG 5250, Myth & Mythologies
  • ENG 5255, Folklore, Fairytales, and Children’s Literature
  • ENG 5330, Novel in England
  • ENG 5010, Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
  • ENG 5110, Creative Writing Workshop

Research Seminars (12 Credits)

  • ENG 5450, Issues in British Literature & Culture 1750–Present: Austen Industry
  • ENG 5250, Issues in British Literature & Culture 750–1750: Staging Women
  • ENG 6240, Major Author: Shakespeare
  • ENG 6750, Graduate Seminar: Dante

Masters Theses (6 credits)

  • ENG 5910, Masters Thesis (3 credits)
  • ENG 6910, Masters Thesis (3 credits)


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