Program Goals

Leading the Pack

The Recreation program was created in 1972 by a group of public and private sector executives to prepare professionals for careers in park management and resort planning and development. Core values of preparing students with great attitudes and strong work ethics to steward socially and environmentally-responsible endeavors, remain true today.

The program goals of the Mountain Recreation Management Department bond the two concentrations of Adventure Leadership and Mountain Resort Management across a core curriculum. Students learn about much more than the mountains and that’s why employers respect our program.

Graduates have:

  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • understanding of leisure needs and behaviors of diverse populations
  • environmental awareness and appreciation
  • sound resource management skills
  • the ability to think logically and critically
  • knowledge through applied experiences and problem solving
  • individual, group, and organizational leadership skills
  • the ability to design, conduct, and analyze research
  • commitment to community service
  • appreciation for the importance of a sound work ethic



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