About Our Students

Most of our Music Business and Industry students play a musical instrument or sing; however, we do not require an audition as part of our admission process.

We welcome students who do not play an instrument but have a lifelong passion for music and wish to make that passion the focus of their professional career.

Students who enter the college often form bands on campus; with faculty assistance, some produce their own tours during school breaks. Occasionally an entire band, determined to continue together throughout their education, enters Lyndon as a group.

Some students who never thought they would find themselves on a stage singing or performing find the Lyndon environment supportive enough to take the risk… if only for fun!

Students range in age from 17–35+, from traditional first-year students to transfer students to parents looking for a career change.

Program Partners

  • Halogen Records, Justin Hoye
  • Tisbury Tours, Ralph Perkins
  • Big Heavy World, Jim Lockridge
  • Charles Eller Studios, Burlington, Chuck Eller
  • Tamarack Grill at Burke Mountain Ski Resort, Ginn Company