Student Profiles

Kali Colapietro ’14

“I had such a great experience with Lyndon and the APH department I just truly cannot put it in a few short lines. The words I type don’t even begin to express the gratitude or really how much my life has changed because I went to Lyndon and studied psychology and human services.

I was able to enjoy small class sizes with professors who made my success their priority. Studying Psychology and Human Services, I was given numerous life changing opportunities from working with clients through fieldwork and internship courses, to traveling to Guatemala.

The small campus allowed me to fulfill numerous leadership roles which provided me the skills to sit in the supervisory position I am in today. All of these opportunities paired with the ongoing support from my professors helped to develop me into the person and professional that I can be proud of today.”

Mollie Brown

“The Psychology and Human Services program at Lyndon prepared me well for graduate school.  I had the knowledge and field experience needed to keep up with a challenging curriculum and engage with graduate students from other schools. Not all undergraduate programs include a focus on theory as well as a field component—I was lucky to enter graduate school with both.

At Lyndon, I took advantage of the smaller classes and got to know my professors. This helped me get the most out of my coursework and also taught me how to build professional, collaborative relationships.”


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