Human Services, A.S.

» Degree Requirements & Courses

Applied Psychology and Human Services, B.S.

» Degree Requirements & Courses

Students who study Psychology and Human Services are motivated, caring people. They’re ready to engage in the challenging coursework and real-world experiences our program provides to help them become competent professionals and leaders.

Lyndon’s Psychology Department differs from other programs by offering a four-year degree that combines Psychology and Human Services. In their junior and senior years, students select courses to fulfill one of five “tracks” depending on their interests and post-graduate aspirations:

  • Psychology Graduate School
  • Child/Adolescent Development
  • Community Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • Elder Populations
  • Generalist

Students are given a strong foundation in theory and are well versed in psychological and social explanations of human behavior. Two practicum experiences provide opportunities to apply skills in a wide variety of professional settings. A student leaves this program with the knowledge and training needed to succeed in many different jobs or graduate schools.

Thanks to the NEBHE program, students from Connecticut and New Hampshire qualify for substantial savings in out-of-state tuition, as do students from most of New York state.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the major in Applied Psychology and Human Services will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to articulate the research principles, concepts, and theories of psychology and human services.
  • Research, synthesize, and apply theory and practice in psychology and human services.
  • Acquire skills and behavior necessary for obtaining employment and succeeding in the professional world.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and adhere to the ethical and legal standards of the fields of psychology and human services.