Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, B.S.

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This popular degree program accommodates the growing student demand for a criminal justice major at Lyndon that focuses on the social, culture, psychological, political, and historical impacts of crime and the criminal justice system. Criminal justice students can finish their four-year degree and serve the local law enforcement demand for qualified employees.

Students study the culture of deviance, law, factors that can lead to criminality, issues regarding the fairness of the justice system, and misconceptions about crime and the criminal justice system itself. They learn the importance of research and apply social theory to real-life issues of deviance and criminality. Students gain a broad understanding of human behavior and diversity and gain important skills, such as critical thinking, theory-building, communication, and problem solving.

Our graduates can work in local, county, state, and federal government agencies, as well as in the private sector, in law enforcement, behavioral analysis, human services, courts, institutional and community-based corrections, victims’ services, the juvenile justice system, research, teaching, law, forensics, and a variety of other fields.

Our major is comprised of 49 credits including a foundation core of sociology, psychology, and criminal justice and an advanced core of law enforcement, judicial process, criminology, law, punishment and corrections, ethics, theory, internship, and research design.


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