Animation / Illustration, B.F.A.

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Cinema / Video Production, B.A.

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Graphic Design B.F.A.

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Graphic Design / Visual Communications, A.S.

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Graphic Design / Visual Communications, B.A.

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Visual Arts, A.S.

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Minors: Cinema Production, Photography, Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Lyndon

Studying the Visual Arts—whether it’s graphic design, illustration, video, animation, or web design—allows you to create work that will impact everything we see. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. And it’s fun.

“Graphic Design is everything-everything.” —Paul Rand (1914–1996)

Get ahead of the curve with our new Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Design: in-depth, computer-based instruction combining basic and advanced graphic design for print, web, and mobile applications—plus web programming—in one comprehensive degree. Few colleges nationwide offer this level of preparation. And you’ll benefit from all the advantages of a broad, liberal arts education. Add to your expertise with real-world coursework in photography, animation, illustration, motion graphics, 2- and 3-D rendering, cinema production, and marketing.

We offer minors in Visual Arts, Photography, Cinema Production plus a B.F.A. in Animation and Illustration. Interested in a career that includes but is not limited to design? Our Visual Communications and Visual Arts degrees are for you: a savvy combination of instruction in print, web, mobile, basic web programming, marketing, art, and the liberal arts. Prepare for careers in photojournalism, publishing, marketing, advertising, public relations, web management, or the fine arts.

“Technique does not exist in itself, it is only the substance of the creative machinery.” —Ansel Adams (1902–1984)

In this spirited and engaging environment, the Visual Arts program is a venue for self-expression. Students are challenged to become adept problem-solvers and expand the breadth of their artistic technique and personal aesthetic. Awareness of art history and contemporary visual culture provides context for innovative practice. Visual literacy is fostered through hands-on coursework that demands original thought, stimulates critical thinking, and instills passion for the visual arts.

A Dynamic Program

Lyndon’s Visual Arts department is constantly assessing classes, students, and faculty through biannual data gathering. This information informs our course material, instruction, and how to improve our program so our students will be better prepared for the contemporary workplace.


Students have travel opportunities through course-related trips. Our students have been to Italy and France, Macworld in San Francisco, and the EdMedia conference and the International Digital Media and Arts Association conference in Vancouver, BC.

Advanced Placement

The Visual Arts department offers the opportunity for advanced placement for students with experience in animation, illustration, graphic design, and web design. Interested students should submit a portfolio or work to be evaluated by a review board. Qualifying high school students may be able to receive up to 15 credits toward their specific visual arts degree at Lyndon State College.