Visual Arts

Studying the Visual Arts—whether it’s graphic design, illustration, video, animation, or web design—allows you to create work that will impact everything we see. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. And it’s fun. And you’ll graduate from Lyndon with an entry-level portfolio to show prospective employers. Because of a spirited and engaging environment, the Visual Arts program is a venue for self-expression. Students are challenged to become adept problem-solvers and expand the breadth of their artistic technique and personal aesthetic. Awareness of art history and contemporary visual culture provides context for innovative practice. Visual literacy is fostered through hands-on coursework that demands original thought, stimulates critical thinking, and instills passion for the visual arts.

Animation/Illustration, B.F.A.

Required Courses

Studio Foundation: (13 credits)

Formal Acceptance into the Major: (2 credits)

Art History (9 Credits)

Intermediate Animation Courses (21 Credits)

Intermediate Art Choice (6 Credits)

Advanced Animation Courses (15 Credits)

Capstone Animation Courses (6 Credits)

Graphic Design, B.F.A.

Required Courses

Foundation Courses (23 Credits)

Formal Acceptance Into the Major (2 Credits)

Art History (9 Credits)

Choice Courses - Select One Group (6 Credits)

Intermediate Courses (18 Credits)

Advanced Courses (9 Credits)

Capstone Courses (9-12 Credits)

Cinema Production, B.A.

Required Courses

Foundation Courses (18 Credits)

Video Production Courses (18 Credits)

Choice Courses (15-17 Credits)

Graphic Design/Visual Communications, B.A.



A powerful blend of traditional darkroom photography and digital photo coursework that prepare graduates for integrated careers in photography and design.

Graphic Design & Advertising

A dynamic sequence of courses that prepare graduates to design for print media and package design.

Social Media

An inventive combination of courses that prepares graduates to design for and manage social media marketing campaigns.

Required Courses

Core Courses (36 Credits)

Photography Concentration (18 Credits)

Graphic Design & Advertising Concentration (18 credits)

Social Media Concentration (18 credits)

Visual Communication, A.S.

Photography, A.S.

Required Courses

Foundation Courses (22 Credits)

Choice Courses (6 Credits)

Choose two courses from the following:

If also enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, select two courses that are not required for that degree.

Visual Arts, A.S.

Required Courses

Foundation Courses (6 Credits)

Studio Courses (15 Credits)

Choose five courses from the following – at least two courses must be at the 3000 level:

Art History Courses (6 Credits)

We offer a B.F.A. in Animation and Illustration and minors in Visual Arts, Photography, and Cinema Production. Interested in a career that includes but is not limited to design? Our Visual Communications and Visual Arts degrees are for you: a savvy combination of instruction in print, web, mobile, basic web programming, marketing, art, and the liberal arts. You can prepare for careers in photojournalism, publishing, marketing, advertising, public relations, web management, or the fine arts.

The Visual Arts Department at Lyndon State College supports iWOW, the Incubator without Walls program. iWOW provides a wide array of programs and services designed to prepare students and businesses for success in the workplace and the regional economy. We proactively engage Lyndon State College faculty and students with small businesses to assess their needs, define optimal business performance steps, and propose solutions with execution in mind. These projects give students real-world business experiences that support their academic studies.