Cinema Production, B.A.

Study filmmaking, video editing, script writing, film analysis, and commercial production by enrolling in Lyndon’s exciting new Cinema Production program. The interdisciplinary program draws on courses in theater, art history, and studio art, plus a strong foundation in the liberal arts to develop each student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. The Cinema Production program will also help support and sustain local organizations such as Catamount Arts and the Green Mountain Film Festival.

The Cinema/Video Production program will:

  • equip students with the technical skills necessary to succeed as filmmakers, both as industry professionals and as independent creative artists;
  • promote a critical and analytical understanding of cinema as a creative art form;
  • facilitate an awareness of cinema’s relationship with other artistic and professional fields; and
  • provide the historical and theoretical framework in which to situate students’ original works.

Students graduating with a B.A. in Cinema Production will demonstrate:

  • a proficiency in the skills and techniques of digital filmmaking;
  • an advanced understanding of the process of filmmaking through pre-production, production, and post-production phases; and
  • a sophisticated appreciation of the history of cinema as a context for original artworks.

Cinema Production graduates will be prepared to:

  • obtain full-time and contract-based employment supporting independent filmmaking, advertising, corporate communications, and local television programming;
  • embark upon self-employed, independent film projects of their own choosing; and
  • enter a wide variety of cinema graduate programs.

The Cinema Production degree is NEBHE eligible (tuition discount) in ALL New England States (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI). However, we go better than that with our stackable awards.


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