Cinema/Video Production, B.A.

Cinema/Video Production, B.A.

Lyndon’s exciting new Cinema/Video Production program is the natural outgrowth of historically excellent curriculum already established at the College. Students will draw from courses taught by the departments of English, Philosophy, and Film Studies; Visual Arts; Electronic Journalism Arts; and Music Business and Industry.

The interdisciplinary program will also draw on courses in theater, art history, and studio art, plus a strong foundation in the liberal arts to develop each student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Cinema/Video Production program will also help support and sustain local organizations such as Catamount Arts and the Green Mountain Film Festival.

The Cinema/Video Production program will:

  • equip students with the technical skills necessary to succeed as filmmakers, both as industry professionals and as independent creative artists
  • promote a critical and analytical understanding of cinema as a creative art form
  • facilitate an awareness of cinema’s relationship with other artistic and professional fields
  • provide the historical and theoretical framework in which to situate students’ original works

Students graduating with a B.A. in Cinema/Video Production will demonstrate:

  • a proficiency in the skills and techniques of digital filmmaking,
  • an advanced understanding of the process of filmmaking through pre-production, production, and post-production phases, and
  • a sophisticated appreciation of the history of cinema as a context for original artworks.

Students graduating with a BA in Cinema/Video Production will be prepared to:

  • obtain full-time and contract-based employment supporting independent filmmaking, advertising, corporate communications, and local television programming
  • embark upon self-employed, independent film projects of their own choosing
  • enter a wide variety of cinema graduate programs

Requirements for a B.A. in Cinema/Video Production

Foundation courses (15 credits)

FLM 1055 Film Analysis and Appreciation
FLM 2010 History of Cinema
FLM 4010 Theory of Cinema
THA 1041 Introduction to Theatre

One of:

FLM 3010 Auteur Filmmakers Seminar
FLM 3610 Film Studies Seminar

Video Production courses (18 credits)

VID 1060 Video Production I
VID 2060 Video Production II
VID 3060 Advanced Video
VID 4060 Video Workshop (take twice for a total of six credits)
FLM 4610 Senior Thesis

Note: At least three credits of VID 4060 must be taken after FLM 4610.

Choice courses (15 credits)

Choose one course from each group plus two additional courses from across the three groups below or selected courses with advisor approval:

Image and Sound group:

ART 2301 Photography I
ART 3301 Advanced Photography
EJA 1020 Communications Technology
EJA 2050 Digital Image Acquisition
EJA 2051 Aesthetics in Editing
FLM 4810 Internship in Film Studies
MBI 2170 Introduction to Audio Engineering
MBI 3170 Recording and Post-Production Techniques

Narrative and Performance group:

ENG 2155 Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling
ENG 3145 Writing Narrative
ENG 3110 Creative Writing Workshop
ENG 3150 Creative Non-Fiction
THA 1040 Interpreting Contemporary Dramatic Literature
THA 2080 Theatre Arts in the Dramatic Format
THA 2121 Acting I
THA 3211 Directing I

Theory and Criticism group:

ARH 2012 Survey of Western Art II
ARH 3080 History of Animation and American Illustration
ENG 2250 Critical Approaches
FLM 2020 Semiotics and Cinema
FLM 3010 Auteur Filmmakers Seminar
FLM 3610 Film Studies Seminar
PHI 2070 Philosophy of Film and Television
PHI 3140 Philosophies of Art



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