Visual Arts Labs and Studios

Renovated in 2010 to expand and modernize facilities, the Visual Arts Department is home to generous instructional space equipped with state-of-the-art Mac computers, auxiliary design equipment, wireless connectivity, and a new 3-D printer.

The space includes:

  • Three design labs dedicated to new media, video, animation, and print production with 24-hour access for students in the program
  • One photography darkroom and classroom including film loading and developing stations, 14-enlarger printing stations, and instruction area;
  • Academic classrooms
  • Two art studios to facilitate instruction in design, drawing and sculpture
  • Maker-Bot Replicator 2 (3-D printer). For more inflation, visit our 3D Printing @ Lyndon blog.
  • The Quimby Gallery, which presents exhibits of local and regional artists, Visual Arts students, and high school design competition winners.


Admissions Office
Vail 305