Real World Design

Students in the Visual Arts department are required to complete a minimum of three credits of design internship and/or participate in our unique Design Studio class. Students enrolled in Design Studio work with regional nonprofit organizations in design teams on-campus. Students taking internships work off-campus alongside design professionals as mentors. In addition, a number of classes create materials for College events, groups, and clubs. Projects include publicity materials for the LSC Cultural Festival, holiday and birthday cards, graduation and robing ceremony booklets, Quimby Gallery posters, department web sites, brochures for LSC’s Academic Support Center, and promotional materials for Earth Day. Working with the Incubator Without Walls (iWOW), Lyndon’s school and small business partnership, student designers are able to freelance for nonprofit organizations and interact one-on-one with actual clients.

Students have completed real-world projects that have helped these local companies and nonprofit organizations succeed:

  • Cindy’s Creative Bags: web site redesign, e-store
  • Clothes to Perfection: search engine optimization
  • Craftsbury Chamber Players: posters, web site redesign, content management
  • Haskell Free Library and Opera House: bilingual web site redesign, online ticketing, content management
  • Hollandeer Farm: web site redesign, e-store
  • Informed Green Solutions: web site design, content management
  • The Sewing Studio: web site redesign, content management
  • Village Bike Shop: web site redesign, content management
  • grant proposal
  • Woodknot Bookshop: web site redesign, content management

Outside internships sites have included:

  • Graphic Design Intern, News 7, Lyndonville, VT
  • Graphic Design Intern, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT
  • Graphic Design and Marketing Intern, Werx Design, Brekenridge, CO
  • Graphic Design And Marketing Intern, Q-Burke Resort, Burke, VT
  • Marketing Internship, Burlington College, Burlington, VT
  • Storyboard Intern, Hatchling Studios, Portsmouth, NH
  • Design Intern, WWE, Stamford, CT


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