Photography, A.S.

This photography program evolved from our students’ passion for photography.  It is calculated blend of film photography courses, digital techniques, and photo editing. There are opportunities to explore fine art photography, exhibition, and commercial applications. This degree program includes Visual Arts foundation and intermediate courses and includes intermediate photography courses and an introductory photographic history course. Traditional black and white photography, intermediate courses provide a breath of instruction in advanced traditional and digital photography, and commercial photography where students explore application, craft, and style through professional and self-initiated projects. Choice courses provide an opportunity for students to fine-tune their photographic education and support their career path.

Students graduating with an A.S. in Photography will demonstrate:

  • an ability to express original ideas using photographic visual practices
  • an ability to use a variety of techniques specific to the medium of photography
  • a basic understanding of general aesthetic principles in the context of photography
  • a knowledge of historical and/or contemporary photographers and photographic genres

The Photography degree is NEBHE eligible (tuition discount) in Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. But we go better than that with our stackable awards.


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