Lyndon Promise Scholarship Program

The Lyndon Promise Scholarship helps to provides low-income students from the Northeast Kingdom who will be among the first in their family to graduate from college with a $2,500–$5,000 scholarship per year for four years. This program makes a difference in the lives of the students at Lyndon who otherwise would not be able to afford their college education.

The donor-funded Lyndon Promise Scholarship program involves a three-way promise between the student, the College, and the donor. The student promises to maintain a 2.5 GPA over their college career and to serve as a mentor to low-income students in the NEK’s Kindergarten through Grade 12 system. The College promises to provide the students with a Promise Scholarship for a four-year period and to connect the student to a community mentor. Donors promise to make their gift on an annual basis over four years. Donors are also invited to act as a mentor to Promise Scholars.

We hope you will helping students achieve their dream of a college education by supporting this scholarship.

The Annual Fund for Scholarships

Last year, Lyndon provided over $4 million in financial support to students. This accounts for almost the entire appropriation we received from the State of Vermont and approximately 15 percent of our total budget. In order to continue to grow scholarship dollars to support our students, we need your continued support!

Every year we ask our alumni and friends for a gift to the Annual Fund for Scholarships. Whether you have supported the Annual Fund many times before, a handful of times, or never before, we want you to know that when you support the Annual Fund you are helping Lyndon fulfill its mission of preparing every student for personal and professional success!

Please support the Annual Fund for Scholarships. Do it because, perhaps, you received scholarship support that made your education at Lyndon possible. Do it because you want to see Lyndon students succeed personally and professionally. Do it as a way to pay tribute to your best college friend or favorite professor. But above all, do it to show Lyndon students you care.

Theatre Fundraising Project

The Alexander Twilight Theatre is the heart of the Lyndon State College campus and has been a center of entertainment and education not only for the College but for the greater Northeast Kingdom community for over four decades. In its glory years, the Twilight Theatre was the best of its kind from Montreal to Boston and acts headlining in NYC were also seen at Lyndon.

The theatre may not look so worn out at first glance, as the College has tried to keep up with basic repairs. However, the outdated features and fixtures become grossly apparent when the limitations of an aged theatre make the booking of performances, conferences, and outside groups a challenge. What used to be the College’s crown jewel has become its handicap. The old girl is in need of an upgrade. Without these upgrades, the College will be limited on how theatre can be used as a full 21st Century facility, which leads to a huge loss in revenue.

The College and the Alumni Council have identified and broken down the campaign into three phases. Phase One of the campaign has been completed and involved the purchase and installation of a state of the art lighting console, all new lighting instruments for our existing circuits, and air conditioning in the lighting booth. The Alumni Council is now in the process of raising an additional $40,000 to complete Phase Two which includes all new dimmers to control the new lighting instruments as well as an architectural control system that will allow remote access to house/practice lights with the assistance of professional staff.

Once our goal of $40,000 is reached for Phase Two, we will take a look at the goals of Phase Three which include the following upgrades for the theatre: new curtains, projector, smart system, and air conditioning for the dimmers.

Take a Seat

You can help us reach our goal of funding Phase Two by purchasing a seat through the “Take a Seat Program.” Through donations of $100 – $750 you can purchase a seat or section of seats in the theatre that will have a plaque with your name (or chosen affinity dedication) affixed to the seat. It will be your seat for the next five years, at which point we anticipate the seats will need to be replaced. You can purchase a seat as an individual (John Doe or Mr. and Mrs. Smith), through your company (Business & Business, LLC) or as part of a group (Class of 1995).

Note: If you make a gift over $100, the Alumni Office will be in touch with you for your name plate information. Kingdom.
ATT Seating Chart





All money received will go directly to the Veterans Club.
Some of the projects they are working on:

  • Veterans Wall of Honor
  • Supplies
  • Activities