Benjamin Rush, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mountain Recreation Management

Benjamin Rush believes in learning by doing. This carries over to his students in the way he teaches. A question asked by a student is quickly thrown back asking the same question, what would you do or what do you think?  Rush says, “I don’t believe in giving students the answer because more than likely they know but just need time to search their brains”.

Rush believes in getting students out of their comfort zone and learning what they can and can’t do. It’s easy to be an outdoor instructor when the weather is sunny and students are perfect, but this seldom happens in an outdoor program. You need to know what to do when the environment and people don’t cooperate the way you had hoped.

He lives what he teaches at Lyndon. In the winter, you will find him skiing at Kingdom Trails, telemark skiing at Burke, or just out winter camping. In the summer, you will find him mountain biking, climbing or sea kayaking. Ben believes there is no better place for an outdoor person than this rural area of Vermont.

Ben came to Lyndon in 2015 as a full time assistant professor of the Adventure Leadership concentration. Prior to LSC, he developed the first outdoor program at National Dong Hua University in Taiwan. He taught in Taiwan for 20 years before returning to the states. During the summer, he works for the National Outdoor Leadership School in Alaska, Wyoming, and the Adirondacks of New York. Alaska is his favorite destination due to the abundance of wildlife, and it’s Alaska. Ben has a love for international travels and has been to over 50 countries. He has been on 17 one-month expeditions that include: Nepal, Tibet, Africa, China, New Zealand, Alaska, Korea, and Mexico. He is excited to share his passion for using the outdoors to help students learn and become awesome people in the world.

Guiding and Teaching Credentials

  • S.O.L.O. Wilderness Medicine Instructor
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • American Canoe/Kayak Association Instructor Trainer
  • National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator Instructor
  • AIARE Level I
  • Ph.D. from the National Taiwan Sport University (2014)

Contact Info.