Bill Morison, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Business

My areas of focus include Strategic Management, Economics (in all shapes and sizes), Sales and Marketing, and helping the college expand offerings to adult and non-traditional students. That last group also includes our growing veteran population on campus to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

I bring 20+ years of business experience to my courses, along with 17 years of teaching at the college level. I have years of accumulated business experiences to share with students—experiences that help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the real world of business.

I have two objectives regarding my work at Lyndon. The first is to energize my students and get them excited about the world of business. I hope to have a positive impact on my students, and by extension, on the greater northern Vermont business community through teaching, coaching, internships and relationships with area businesses. The second objective is to help the college grow by applying my skills in areas where they can be helpful – online learning, hybrid course design, management and leadership of teams and committees, and strategic planning and implementation.

I also continue to teach the business capstone course for Community College of Vermont—Business Analysis and Decision Making. This course provides an experience for the two year business student that serves as a springboard for their future studies and work. I teach this course online each semester, and it remains one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work as a teacher.

Specialties: Business Planning, Strategy Development, Supervisory Training, Operations Management, Workforce Development, Online and Hybrid course design and delivery.


  • Strategic Management
  • Economics
  • Sales and Marketing

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