Britt Moore, B.A.

Assistant Professor, Music And Performing Arts

“They say, ‘Oh, jeez I didn’t think it was going to be this hard. Music is just as hard as any other concentration.”

Britt Moore brings an eclectic mix of talents to the classroom at Lyndon. A professional singer, Moore also writes songs, plays guitar, and co-owns a recording company. But she is equally at home designing and building stage sets. “If audio is my right arm, theater is my left arm,” she says.

Lyndon’s Alexander Twilight Theater drew Moore to northeastern Vermont from California and she helped launch the college’s popular Music Business and Industry major. She stays active professionally as a member of the Audio Engineering Society. She also sings in an eight-member folk ensemble called Burnt Toast. “I don’t think I could teach well without it. I don’t want to get rusty and I don’t think the students want me to get rusty”

Moore says music at Lyndon is not for people who hope to spend their college years plucking their guitars. Music Theory requires math. Another class, Auditory Perception and Psycho Acoustics, involves physics.

Moore likes the enthusiasm her students bring to class. She finds it infectious. “They’re so excited about what they’re doing. They talk a mile a minute. They’re hyper, I’m hyper, classes are kind of loud.

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