Daisy McCoy, Ph.D.

Professor, Math & Computer Science

Daisy received her doctorate from Virginia Tech in Number Theory and enjoyed exploring the many intriguing properties of numbers. Before coming to Lyndon in 1991, she taught developmental mathematics at Union College in Kentucky—an interest that has continued as most semesters she teaches a developmental or lower level math course. Her concern for students having difficulty with math led her to get involved with the education program at Lyndon where she coordinates the secondary math program and teaches a math course for pre-service elementary teachers.

In addition to teaching general education math classes and classes for math, education, and atmospheric science majors, Daisy has followed up her fascination with Mayan culture by investigating Mayan mathematics. She has given many presentations on Mayan mathematics in the United States, Turkey, and Guatemala. She explained the number system to people of Maya ancestry as she traveled around Central America seeking additional information. Visiting indigenous communities, she became acutely aware of their struggles for basic human rights and survival. She is active with the Guatemala Solidarity Project, helping raise money to provide water filters to communities where there is no safe drinking water. Students have enjoyed traveling with Daisy to Central America to volunteer in local schools or study Mayan archeology.

She coordinates a free community meal in nearby St Johnsbury, working with many volunteers to turn donated food into bounteous meals on Saturday mornings. The volunteers include members of the Lyndon community and from the larger community who have the opportunity to get to know many lower income people in our area.


Bachelor’s – Douglass College of Rutgers University
Master’s – Virginia Tech
PhD – Virginia Tech


Cross country skiing
Circle and Scottish country dance

Courses regularly taught:

Calculus I, II, and III
Math History
Sets, Logic, and Proof
Math in the Elementary School
Abstract Algebra
Problem Solving with Mathematics
Quantitative Reasoning
Methods of Teaching Secondary Math

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