David Ballou, Ed.M.

Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts

“It’s about being aware of your environment and developing a sense of when a picture is about happen,” he says. “Whether you’re doing still photojournalism or video photojournalism, you have to be ready to capture the image.”

David Ballou’s work is powerfully illustrated through the series of faculty photographs that hang in the College’s library hallway, each designed to capture the essences of its subject. As a photographer, he points to his grandfather, a turn-of-the-century Boston portrait painter, as the greatest influence on his work.

“His portraits always allowed his subjects to make a statement about who they were; in the same way, I photograph people the way I see them.” Ballou studied his art with Boston portrait-photographer David Brooks, of Fabian Bachrach’s Studio.

It is the love of making pictures that tell stories that Professor Ballou works to instill in his students, many of whom have become award-winning television photojournalists in their own right. He also strives to convince students of their individual potential and to make each on realize that they are capable of doing considerably more than think possible.

“I’ll have to admit that I can be demanding,” he says. “Challenge isn’t always comfortable, and the act of rising to a challenge with no guarantee of success is rarely painless. But it’s worth it.”


  • Digital photography
  • Still photojournalism
  • Broadcast

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